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What Is Email Appending?

The word “append” simply means “to add or supplement”. Therefore, email appending simply means adding emails.  The email address is obtained by matching those records from the your database against our network of data to produce a corresponding email address. We keep the process simple and provide you only with email addresses that you didn't have and that you can use. 

Send us your data file so we can assess your needs and we'll append as many validated email address to your file and return it. You can append more than just email, adding fields such as age, income, marital status, etc. Basically, an append transforms your database from a list of contacts to a list of real people.

Dedicated Input and Match

Input your file of names and/or postal addresses and match records to an email database you never new existed.

Customized Email Append

Append the very best and most deliverable email handles, or multiple historical emails to your file today.

Validation and Send Approval

Fully validate your emails and we return only deliverable email addresses back to your database..

Input and Match

Input file of names and postal addresses and match records to an email database.


Append the best, or multiple historical emails, to your file.


Validate emails and return deliverable email addresses.

Reverse Email Append

Not to be confused with a regular email append, reverse email append involves using your current customer email address and matching it against a data provider’s database (like) to obtain full names, postal addresses, phone numbers and other important information of your customers. So, it’s essentially opposite of an email append.

A Clear Picture of Your Customers

Think of your current database as a rough sketch of your customer. The outlines might be there, but it’s really hard to tell what this person (or business) actually looks like. When you append more data, you add more detail to the sketch, until it becomes a real portrait. In the end, appending your data just means making your list more thorough and accurate.

Enhancing your data with an append makes your campaigns more effective. Not only are you better able to reach your customers, but you have greater insight into who they are, which will make your messages more relevant. It’s all about turning that stick figure sketch of your customer into a persona you can truly understand.

Email Append Best Practices

An important thing to keep in mind about appends for B2C data is that the opt-in rules still apply so continue to maintain best practices for opted-in data.

-Keep Your Data Clean

-Track Your Opt-Outs

-Continue To Communicate With Your Clients

Doing this you will allow you the potential to more effectively reach your audience.


Successful Projects

Award winning deliveries in the Hyper-Target business select arena.


Running Projects

Ask your data designer how you can level up your customer database. Spots are filling up fast.


Cases Completed

Delivering successful projects on a daily basis to our customer around the worlds.


Successful Project

Delivering deep insight changing idea revolutionary strategies


Running Projects

Delivering deep insight changing idea revolutionary strategies


Cases Completed

Delivering deep insight changing idea revolutionary strategies

Email Address Append

A successful marketing campaign is dependent upon knowing who to target and delivering a message that resonates with your audience. National Data Groups Email Append service adds email addresses, full names, and postal addresses, to your customer and prospects list. National Data Group allows multichannel marketing campaigns and gives you insights to improve the targeting of your email marketing programs with verified email addresses.

Inputs can include:

Email Append Output Options

Email AddressEmail address
First NameFirst name
Last NameLast name
AddressA house number and street, i.e. 123 18TH PL NE
CityA city name, i.e. Seattle
StateA 2 letter state abbreviation
ZipA 5 digit US zip code
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