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Have you ever heard these questions, or even asked them yourself? Should we buy a list? Should we have someone send a message for us? What type of a list should I buy? Will it work? How do we send it?  How many should we purchase? How will I choose?


We get, it, it complicated. But the answer can be very simple. We don’t just know what works, we have experienced firsthand what works and can help you avoid the pitfalls experienced by too many.


By using a certified data provider, your small business can acquire tailored list of validated names, addresses, phones, emails or others to send your message to.


All Opt-in, All Priced For Your Budget, All Guaranteed!


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A mailing list provided by National Data Group can boost public awareness of your business and engage new customers in the B2B and B2C arena.

What We Do

How Do List Providers Work?

Email Marketing, which includes electronic messages sent to highly targeted lists is currently the most common and most effective means of new client acquisition. National Data Group utilizes the most current data technology to efficiently and safely provide its clients with accurate and compliant lists which are targeted specifically to client offerings. 

Questions to Ask

General faq's

Consumer lists are useful if you're trying to generate more foot traffic or general interest, while business lists comprise more precise data sets that target businesses in a particular industry. In both instances, National Data Group excels in providing expansive and robust lists for each category.

The best data providers update their databases regularly. Most vendors run their postal list through the U.S. Postal Service's National Change of Address file, while email addresses are checked electronically. Most services check their lists every 30 days, though you can request that the service run a check again before providing you with the final list.

Compiled data is largely gathered through open records, including phone books, government records and credit files. The household or business contacts on these lists can be further sorted by geographic locations, gender, ethnicity, income and age. Responsive lists are based on contact information that was volunteered in some way. They are usually gathered through sources like magazine subscriptions, catalogs and previous direct marketing responses. Data provider sites often refer to these as "opt-in" lists, meaning the contacts may be more receptive to your message, but opt-in records are usually more expensive and harder to come by.

Addresses and contact info, especially with large lists, are always in flux, so National Data Group updates all records in real time to ensure the very data deliver is at its highest level possible.  National Data Group provides deliverability guarantees for all data provided and will either replace your defective data or credit your for defective data.  Unfortunately we are not responsible if your campaign does not attract new customers.

When you buy a list, it's yours to keep and use. List provider companies sometimes rent lists for temporary use. When you rent a list, you're given a set number of times that you can use the list. You enter into an agreement with the data provider that you will only use the list for the agreed-upon number of uses. Often, the rented list contains seed addresses that alert the list provider if you use the list beyond the number specified in the rental agreement, which can result in fees and penalties.

Some list providers design your mailers (or emails) and send them for you. Their experience can save you money and a lot of potential headaches. Of course, you can always purchase a list and use a direct mail service for fulfillment and mailing. If you are renting an email list for one-time use, most list providers typically send emails on your behalf, which also ensures their list stays private. Data provider services can help you find new customers. With the help of a data provider, you can easily connect to a larger audience and open new doors for your business.

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Benefits Of Purchased Lists

Direct marketing has reached  new audiences for decades. It involves touching specific target audiences by mail, email, or phone to generate leads and grow company brands. Here Are 3 Distinct Advantages.

Boosts Customer Base

The success of your marketing efforts depends on several factors, including your message and call to action, but to get your message to these people in the first place, you need contacts. A big factor in the success of your campaign is the quality of those contacts. Not only do data providers provide you with lists of potential customers, but they can help you determine the audience that will be most receptive to your message.

Expands Customer Reach

Utilizing direct marketing lists allows for an expanded litmus test of your market, a broader scope of your brands reach, as well as true responses which can be used to drill further down into the intricacies of your current customer base. These databases will allow further expansion to capture those future, potential customers you may have simply missed. 

Save Time

It can be tedious and time-consuming to track down potential new leads. Using a purchased list service can save you serious time, which you can then devote to more important things, like fine-tuning your campaign or analyzing results.

Data Providers

Types of Data Providers

There are three types of vendors in the mailing list industry: data providers, list managers and list compilers. National Data Group does all three.


List providers recommend the best lists for your marketing campaign; they handle mailing dates and order the lists. List providers also negotiate for the best lists and deals for your campaign.


List managers work to generate the most revenue for a list. They promote their lists to list providers and marketers for future campaigns. Managers also maintain lists, ensuring they are accurate and up to date.


List compilers produce the lists. They are familiar with the sources they get their data from and generally deal in bulk listings of hundreds of thousands of entries.



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as a list provider.

Data Provider Services

When you're choosing a data provider service, ask the following questions

General faq's

A data provider connects you to extensive databases with contact information for consumers and businesses. These databases are assembled from various sources, including phone books, public records and surveys. Records can include names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of people or businesses you're trying to market your products or services to.

Data providers help you narrow your list of consumers or businesses to those likely to be the most receptive to your mailers, emails or telemarketing calls.

In the mailing list industry, there are data providers, list managers and list compilers.

Data providers recommend the best lists for your marketing campaign, handle mailing dates and order the lists.

List managers promote their lists to list providers and marketers for future campaigns. Managers maintain and update lists while ensuring the lists are attractive to potential buyers or renters.

List compilers produce the lists. They are familiar with the sources they get their data from and generally deal in bulk listings of hundreds of thousands of entries.

Whether you buy or rent a list will largely depend on your needs. Renting a list is usually single use, which means that you pay to use the list once, and do not own the data. If you plan to regularly use data providers, renting can be expensive, but it is a cost-effective option if you only do it once or twice.

When you buy a list, you own the data and can use it for as long and however you like, as long as you don't resell it.

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