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Success Is: Great Lists, Great Service, Stellar Prices.

Accurate Lists and Databases for nearly 20 years and dedicated to providing fully verified databases, quickly and fairly, National Data Group has proven its staying power in an industry of technological change and an enormous upsurge in demand for up to date information. NDG has taken the best of the data industry, ignored the shortcuts and continued to deliver a product and service which is envied by some, respected through duplication and cherished by its loyal customer base.

For over a decade, National Data Group has sourced, compiled and uniquely analyzed the full profile information of business and consumer data in the United States and around the world and they are just getting started.


“Working faithfully with our clients, National Data Group is a partner (not a vendor) in its client relationships. Establish credibility, cultivate trust and execute beyond customer expectations. Nothing less is acceptable.”


-NDG Client Service Director


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Verified Email Contacts

Fully Customizable & Verified For Safe, Accurate Delivery.

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US Companies

Reach Over 60+ Million B2B Buyers Today and Drive New Sales.



Connect Internationally With Business Leaders and Validated Consumer Contacts.

Tired of Wasting Money On Inferior Lists?

Reach out to us today! We’ll set the record straight, build the exact list you need, and deliver it quickly. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Objective

At National Data Group, our goal is to provide such a high level of service and product quality that you’ll have the full confidence to order again and again because of the success of your campaign. This involves an empathetic listening ear, a thorough review of your demographic requests and immaculate follow up and customer service after the product is delivered. The success of our clients is a direct reflection of our ability to serve.

Holistic Solutions

Now that you have found us, simply complete the submission form on this page or call us at 877-366-3360.  A trained representative will be in touch shortly to ask a couple simple questions to determine whether buying a list or having us send a message works best for you. Next you choose your list. Are you looking for business lists, consumers lists or perhaps a specialty lists?   We’ll let you know how many are available, find a price that fits and deliver your list in less than 24-48 hours.

The Cost

With more than 300+ million consumer email addresses and over 18+ million business email contacts we have thousands of data options. Your end investment will depend on over all quantity, demographic selections, geographic and psycho-graphic selections. Once we have identified all factors, we’ll provide a fair and friendly quotation. All budgets are different; we want to find a product that matches yours.


Leading From The Front

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Executive Director / Founder

Jim Collins

Chief Leadership Development

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Chief Learning Officer

Natasha Jansen

Chief of the Office

Jean Scott

General Counsel

Miguel Anders

Chief Leadership Development

Philip Larson

Chief Learning Officer

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