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National Data Group has sourced, compiled and uniquely analyzed full profile information on Business Lists and Consumer Lists of the United States as well as the world. Establishing itself as the resource for accurate, effective, deliverable and revenue generating data for our clients while providing the most effective source for all of your Direct Marketing projects, National Data Group has proven itself as a long term solution. Our experience in working with Fortune 500 companies to the start up around the corner, has helped National Data Group improve and grow while watching our clients prosper. through a consultative approach while their’ goals remain at the leading edge.

Working closely with our clients, National Data Group views itself as more of a partner than a vendor when it comes to it’s client relationships. Our goal is to fully understand what needs to be accomplished and provide the best possible marketing solution to that possible.

National Data’s growth; even during challenging economic times, is a testament to adaptability and an unending drive to make our clients successful. Making sure we are more than just a data company, National Data Group takes great pride in meeting the needs of all types of clients. Contact Us to find out how!

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At National Data Group, our goal is to provide such a high level of service and product quality that you’ll have the full confidence to order again and again because of the success of your campaign. This involves an empathetic listening ear, a thorough review of your demographic requests and immaculate follow up and customer service after the product is delivered. The success of our clients is a direct reflection of our ability to serve.

Now that you have found us, simply complete the submission form on this page or call us at 877 366 3360.  A trained representative will be in touch shortly to ask a couple simple questions to determine whether buying a list or having us send a message works best for you. Next you choose your list. Are you looking for business lists, consumers lists or perhaps a specialty lists?   We’ll let you know how many are available, find a price that fits and deliver your list in less than 24-48 hours.

With more than 300+ million consumer email addresses and over 18+ million business email contacts we have thousands of data options. Your end investment will depend on over all quantity, demographic selections, geographic and psycho-graphic selections. Once we have identified all factors, we’ll provide a fair and friendly quotation. All budgets are different; we want to find a product that matches yours.

Tired of Wasting Money On Inferior Lists?

Reach out to us today! We’ll set the record straight, build the exact list you need, and deliver it quickly. We look forward to hearing from you.

In life there are few guarantees: Here is one you can count on. If National Data Groups product does not perform within our suggested percentages (80% or better); upon verification, we will replace all defective data until we reach the guarantee number/percentage with new data or a credit/refund. We understand that buying data can be a daunting task with many options out there. Having the confidence in our product and having confidence in National Data Groups ability to resolve possible issues can go a long way. You have more to do than just purchase lists. We’ll make it simple.

Customer satisfaction is priority #1 and National Data Group will be sure that when your purchase is complete, if there is a problem, we will use every available resource to resolve it.

Before or after purchasing your list; if you should have any questions or concerns; don’t hesitate to email or call to address them. We’ll make sure you get the answers to your questions. Contact a qualified representative today to learn even more about how our guarantees will take the guess work out of buying your next customized list.


Here are some of the common questions we are asked. If you don’t find the answer or the information you are looking for, please call 877-366-3360 to speak with one of our experienced representatives or take a brief moment to submit our contact form, one of our team members will get back to you right away.

Our data is compiled from hundreds of unique sources. As most every piece of our information has been licensed through credit bureau and business license information, we also provide records from the major US resident listing services and unique compilers. In addition, we supplement our database with over 50 million response names from privately owned databases, effectively providing the most comprehensive database in the world.

By Mail:
12020 Shamrock Plaza
Omaha, NE 68154-3537.

By Phone:
(M-F, 8:30am-6:00pm CST)
Toll Free: 877-366-3360

By Fax:
(402) 778-5192

By Email:

Ordering can be completed through one of our representatives. Through a brief conversation we will be able to set up your account and have an order out to you quickly. Please call our toll free number 877-366-3360 or fill out a contact form to begin the process. For faster service, simply send you request to quote@nationaldatagroup.com

Your list(s) can be provided in an Excel or CSV spreadsheet. That being said, every situation is different and we can accommodate practically any format that works best for you. Just tell us what you would like.

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