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Email Broadcasting with National Data Group will provide you with the opportunity reach business or consumer prospects that precisely fit your customer profile.  You choose the list and the quantity and we will deploy on your behalf with your custom message.

Upon completion of the campaign we will provide you with the results of the campaign. As a result; you will see open rates, click through rates as well as URL activity in regard to our marketing lists. In this case you do not take possession of the emails. You provide us the creative material, from line, subject line and we perform the broadcast on your behalf. All recipients have a continued relationship with our services and email platform, allowing for 100% delivery and 100% CAN SPAM compliance. All email lists, business email lists and consumer email lists we broadcast to are fully validated. Speak with a trained professional to ensure you get the very most out of your deployment. With email broadcasting from National Data Group, the contact may be asked to call, visit a physical location, visit a website, fill out a contact from, and various other actions.

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