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“I have been a customer of National Data Group for months and they have really helped my business grow! Whether I have purchased a list of phone numbers or emails, both have been helpful to me and my business.” - John A. – Real Estate

“National Data Group was a great company to work with. I was very pleased with my purchases and will continue to do business with them!” – Amanda J. - Textiles

“The customer service at National Data Group is great. They were very knowledgeable and helped me obtain the right kind of emails that I was looking for. After sending information out to those emails, National Data Group followed up with me in making sure I was satisfied with the product.” - Sherwood D. - Manufacturing

“This company has such a variety of lists for me to work with. It was very easy for me to tell National Data Group what type of criteria I was looking for and they sent me the product when I needed it. I was very pleased by the work this company did for me!” - Parker Z. - Sales

“I am a realtor, and I needed to find home owners, who had children, that lived in a certain city. I was having a hard time with so I finally relied on National Data Group to help me with my search. National Data Group had no problem finding me the data I was looking for and really helped my real estate company grow!” - Paul M. – Manufacturing

“I have purchased a variation of products from this company and have felt taken care of every time. When I need a list of emails in the future, I know I will be working with National Data Group.” - Juan L. – Home Care

“I am self-employed and do all of my advertising strictly through email. Without the help of National Data Group, my business would not be doing as well as is it today. National Data Group targets the right kind of people that I need to contact in order to be successful.” - Persus C. – Government Contractor

“After sending out information to the emails from the list, National Data Group sent me a follow up report. This report showed me how many people viewed my advertisement email and just how successful I was. This follow up report was very helpful!” - Andrew T. – Retail Sales

“Being in the Real Estate industry, I have worked with many list companies. Fortunately, I stumbled on National Data Group and they have become a key part of our marketing success.” – Patty K.

“We needed to reach targeted, specific types of businesses, and National Data Group allowed us to do that. We had an accurate database of business decision makers that we needed to speak with.” - Robert N


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